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Its GC baby. [entries|friends|calendar]
For everyone whos ever been called a freak (gc fan

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[18 Jun 2005|06:08pm]

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[03 May 2005|03:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

is anyone going to the gc/sp tour???

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[14 Feb 2005|04:41pm]

Click here please!Collapse )
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[17 Jan 2005|11:54am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Check this out!!

I committed Murder and Nobody KnowsCollapse )

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[09 Jan 2005|07:48pm]

you guys should deff. check out my new community, you can post ANY good charlotte lyrics you want!<3
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[08 Jan 2005|10:44pm]




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[03 Jan 2005|07:40pm]

quick & simple question.
there is an application newbies have to fill out, if there is someone that doesn't really interest me or whatever are we voting or are they just autoaccepted?
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APPLICATION [03 Jan 2005|04:01pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Favourite gc member(s):Benji Joel and Paul
How long have you liked gc?:Every since I heard Lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Why do you like gc?:I like gc because I think they're really musically talented and i love their lyrics.
How much money have you spent on gc?:A Lot
What albums do you have?:All of them
How many times have you seen gc live?:I havent had a chance yet. :(
Ever met them?:No
Life or death:Both

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application :D [03 Jan 2005|03:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name: Rachel
Age: 16
Location: everett, wa
Favourite GC member(s): joel
How long have you liked gc?: let me see...since 2001? yeah. since the first cd.
Why do you like gc?: because the music is so easy to relate to. the songs apply to how i'm feeling, and it makes me feel better.
How much money have you spent on gc?: wow, i spend a lot on teeny-type magazines and stuff lol...a wild guess would be $600. give or take a few bucks.
What gc albums do you have?: i have the self-titled one with the clouds on the cover [without the click], and the regular one, the young and the hopeless, the young and the hopeless dual-disc [cd on one side, dvd on the other-that counts right?], and the life version and death version of the chronicles of life and death.
How many times have you seen gc live?: twice, and it was awesome both times
Ever met them?: in october...i smelled them. and they smelled really good lol. except chris wasn't there : (
Life or death?: can i pick both? both.

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application [03 Jan 2005|05:02pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Everythings gonna be alright now,everythings gonna be alrightCollapse )

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Signing up, yadda, yadda, yadda. [04 Dec 2004|04:58pm]

[ mood | *Weee signs up* ]

Name: Ali
Age: 16
Location: NY
Favourite GC member(s): All 4...just joking. All 5
How long have you liked gc?: Since Lifestyles.
Why do you like gc?: Because they are great role models. They make great music, and they are hilarous people to hang with.
How much money have you spent on gc?: Does it matter?
What gc albulms do you have?: I have self titled 'Good Charlotte', 'The Young and Hopeless', 'Chronicles of Life and Death, Life Version', many other bonus tracks and other songs they did. EX. Cemetery, Superman Can't Walk..and so on.
How many times have you seen gc live?: Once. Warped Tour 2004 Buffalo NY \m/
Ever met them?: Naw..but I know someone who hangs with them all the time. Can you believe you would meet people out of anywhere. HAH Joel in a tattoo place none the less. ;-)
Life or death?: Death. Because I'm more fond of death...the cd and the actual thing. Im not nuts. I just rock! ;-)

*****************THANKS TTYL <3 ALI******************

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[03 Jan 2005|09:53pm]

Newbie.Collapse )
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Application [01 Jan 2005|02:30am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Its The Little Things...Collapse )

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[24 Dec 2004|07:07pm]

[ mood | cold ]

i've been trying to find a cute/hot pic of joel for my wallpaper on my desktop but i haven't had much luck .. anyone know where i should look?

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[23 Dec 2004|12:31pm]

[ mood | good ]

How come theres hardly anyone in here?

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[21 Dec 2004|04:37pm]
Name: Samantha
Age: 14
Location: Buffalo NY
Favourite GC member(s): Benji
How long have you liked gc?: Ever since "Good Charlotte" (s.t) came out.
Why do you like gc?: They're unique and dont care what others think, and are extremley greatful for their fans.
How much money have you spent on gc?: Dont know exact .. but alot.
What gc albulms do you have?: All of them :)
How many times have you seen gc live?: 4 .. and all in 2004.
Ever met them?: Indeed
Life or death?: Death!
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[16 Dec 2004|09:17am]

jadedCollapse )
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does anybody have the reciepe for filipinOOO meatloaf? [08 Dec 2004|07:31pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]


Benji Madden died today in a horrible bus accident in downtown Houston.He was bending down to pick up a cigarette he dropped on the road,and apparantely,a metro bus hit him :(
We will all miss him greatly.
Check you ap wireless news report.I found the devestating news here


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hello! [07 Dec 2004|12:48pm]

[ mood | content ]

Favourite GC member(s):benji
How long have you liked gc?:3 yrs
Why do you like gc?:because their music is amazing, it speaks the truth, and whenever i feel depressed i listen to them, i could relate so much to the lyrics!
How much money have you spent on gc?: hmmm...alot lol
What gc albulms do you have?: all of em
How many times have you seen gc live?:3
Ever met them?:yes met all of them
Life or death?: death

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[05 Dec 2004|07:09pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Thanks to you guys for joining my community:)

promote it as much as you can!!! I need members!!

and you guys kick ass!

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